What: An endless trial of taking out bad guys and rescuing hostages.  

  • Eliminate the bad guys (they are the ones that have guns...ok ok, little pixels sticking out of them that are supposed to look like guns - use your imagination!)
  • Rescue the hostages by walking into them
  • The last room contains a bomb, walk over it to defuse/disarm it (preferably before its timer reaches zero)

Why: Finished for the "Finally Finish Something" Jam, Feb 4th, 2018. - For raw determination. Not officially for FFS since the submission date was Feb 3rd!

This is a spin off of a bigger game I've been making.  The intention is to provide a playable version that captures the game's main mechanics, while hopefully having some fun at the same time!


"Man on a Mission" Challenge - Unlock the AK47 (complete ALL of the following in a single round):

  • No hostages killed
  • Defuse the bomb
  • Exit the level in under 60 seconds

"The Boogey Man" Challenge - Unlock the carbine+suppressed carbine rifle(complete ALL of the following in a single round):

  • Exit the level with 100% health
  • Rescue all 10 hostages
  • Exit the level in under 60 seconds
  • Have $10,000 in cash at the time of exiting the level

(Note: there is currently not local storage, so your unlocks and 'cash' will be lost after refreshing or closing the browser.  That'd be pretty cool if it did though, right?  Or maybe more levels? Or shotguns? Or flashbangs? Or a riot shield...alright alright, it's time to finally finish something and release this one into the wild)

Please feel free to kindly let me know if you find any crazy bugs or glitches, just in case my army of testers (aka me) didn't catch them all.